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How do I come up with a website name?

How do I come up with a website name?

How to come up with an excellent name for a site so that it is extremely short, reflects the theme of the site, and is easily remembered? Here are the problems that every webmaster faces.



It is not always as easy as it seems at first glance to decide on the name of the site.

It is clear that the name should be related to the theme of the site, but at the same time, it is desirable that it be short, consonant, memorable.

The first stage – if the name of your company corresponds to the direction of activity, then the site can be called the same. If it does not match, then it would be logical to name the site using a dash: "Company name-website promotion services". Now we move on to the second stage – the formation of a domain name. You can use the company name "vashe-nazvanie.com", you can choose something shorter, in fact.

First, write down all the main words related to your topic, the name of the company, and then try to make short and understandable phrases. For example, if the site is about cars, then the domain may contain the words: "auto", "car", "motor", etc.

Oddly enough, but users still pay attention to the domain name as a hint of the subject of the resource, although most reputable enterprises use the abbreviation. Both short and true. Some individuals claim that the keyword in the domain name helps to promote. But you don't want to promote a site by one word, and it's simply impossible to name a site long in the list of key queries. There is a website optimization for promotion. Choose a site name for yourself and users, and not for search engines.

An easy way to come up with a site name

A good way to come up with a website name is to use the services of a contractor, from whom you are going to order a website. This also includes the selection of a domain name. Set the task to come up with several unique names for your site, and then choose the name you like. It is desirable that the name is short and easy to pronounce. One of the main criteria, after the subject, is that the user can easily type your domain name in the address bar after you said it on the phone, or from memory, after seeing an advertisement.

If you have decided on the name of the site, then we proceed to the concept and preparation of materials for the site.

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