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Domains with a history.

Domains with a history.

How the domain history affects the SEO of a website.



The older the domain, the more resistant it is to the influence of negative factors in the search engine rating, and also has the property of maintaining a stable position in the search results. For older domains, the risk of applying filters is reduced. The importance of links from such a domain is much greater, because such links can significantly improve the position of the sites to which they lead.

In SEO, it happens that, despite the efforts and work on the principles of search engines, the customer does not see the expected results. If the actions taken by the SEO-optimizer are consistent with the recommendations of Yandex and do not violate the established rules, but do not lead to changes in search results over time, then it is worth considering whether the domain history is the reason for this.

If in the past the domain was used for purposes that are unacceptable to Yandex, for example, for spam or the spread of viruses, it is quite possible that the domain was finally removed from the Yandex index. For the search engine, it does not matter whether the domain owner has changed or not. The same thing happens when in the past the domain was used to distribute illegal files. The consequence of this is exceptions from the index, or the imposition of a filter.

The only way out of this situation is to work intensively on the site according to the rules of search engines. Over time, after about 6 months, the site can be returned to the search engine index.

Before registering an old domain, it is necessary to accurately trace its history, for example, using the site archive.org.

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