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The age of the site domain.

The age of the site domain.

The age of the domain plays a very important role.



Domain... How many different domains are there in the world today: new, old, null, “fat " and so on! And search engines are watching each of them! They record their history, starting from the loss of positions and ending with their acquisition, which is why the database of today's search bots is very, very large.

Naturally, when promoting any site, the age of the domain plays a very important role. However, it is also worth noting that this age does not affect the search results at all, although many prove the opposite. If you think logically, you can't find a project that has been in the index for only a couple of months and already occupies top positions. However, rather, this can be attributed to the fact that webmasters are simply afraid to make hasty conclusions with promotion, since search engines actively ban such projects with their noble filters.

But still, let's talk about the positive aspects of long-lasting domains...

  • 1) The older the domain, the more loyal the search engines are to it. This suggests that it will not be easy to get a ban or get under the filter for a small thing, since the domain has earned high confidence in itself.
  • 2) The older the domain, the faster the search bot indexes it.
  • 3) The older the domain, the easier it is to raise such indicators as TIC and PR.
  • 4) The older the domain, the more famous it is among other projects. Conclusion: free external links will increase every day.

Many webmasters who have already assessed the situation on the network have forgotten that it is possible to purchase young domains. The scheme works like this: you get a good quality domain, you start its rapid promotion and consolidation, you get quite sane results!

It should be noted that by purchasing a domain immediately for several years ahead, the search engine thinks that the purchased domain is the "foundation" of a future high-quality project. That is why he will be treated better than everyone else.

Conclusion: the age of the domain plays a big role. Having created a young project, every webmaster tries to earn the trust of a search engine, and having already acquired a relatively old domain, and even with indicators, the webmaster already receives a certain trust.

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