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Applications for Pr. Sape

Applications for Pr. Sape

Applications for Pr.Sape will be subject to moderation!



Pr. Sape has launched an updated algorithm for processing applications.

Now all of them will be pre-moderated by optimizers. The application will be checked for up to 4 days. Provided that the optimizer did not have time to check the application during this period, it will be accepted automatically. If the application does not suit the optimizer, he can return it for revision. After three returns, the application is redirected to the main moderator of Pr. Sape, who is responsible for making a decision in such cases.

The management of the portal assures that this scheme will make the system work faster and more efficiently. But some optimizers believe that this measure is useless, since they could manually moderate links before, if there was an indication about it in the company settings. No optimizer has sent a request for revision two or three times during the operation of the new moderation system.

But the optimizers assure that such an innovation will be useful for users who automatically purchase links without checking them themselves.

Pr. Sape clients claim that it is too early to judge how good the new method is, but they are sure that any positive development of the company will benefit it.

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