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How to optimize images on the site?

How to optimize images on the site?

An image can be important both as an addition to text materials, and as an end in itself.



Google is not a place where you only search for content. An image can be important both as an addition to text materials, and as an end in itself. How to ensure better visibility of graphics on your website? Is it worth doing this?

Do people use Google images?

This is the first question worth asking. The answer is yes, although it should be emphasized right away that this is not always the step that should be taken first.

Often these will be situations when someone will be looking for a picture to insert into a meme. On the other hand, some people are looking for inspiration for shopping (for example, in clothes or jewelry) in this way. These are two extremes, but there are many other possibilities in between. And we should not forget that graphics are often included in the overall search results.

How to position a website in Google Images?

There are several methods that can be used to improve image search results. It is worth making sure that the content of the image simply corresponds to the intentions of the seeker. Firstly, Google (and not only Google) is recognizing visual content more and more effectively, and secondly, Internet users can already find out from the thumbnail whether this result can be interesting to them. However, ignoring this element, it is worth mentioning the following factors:

  • 1. Alternative description

    The ALT attribute is an important parameter assigned to images embedded in the website code. It was originally created to inform about the content of the graphics when for some reason the graphics are not loaded with other elements, as well as to inform about the "content" of the image. Not surprisingly, Google also takes into account the words included in this place.

  • The alternative description itself should briefly describe the graphics in a few words. However, it is worth thinking strategically. It is better to use a more precise wording instead of a general phrase. For example: in the case of clothing, this may be related, for example, to colors or patterns.
  • 2. File Name

    The same principle works here as in the case of the header of URL paths for subpages. The keyword in the file name is one of the factors that affect the position in Google images, so be sure to specify it there.

  • 3. Graphic title and surrounding text.

    In the case of Google images, the content around the image also matters, especially in the immediate vicinity of it. Therefore, it is worth using captions to pictures and placing the pictures themselves in places that correspond to the context.

  • 4. Image Quality

    Google Pictures definitely likes good quality graphics with the right resolution. Even the advanced search options include a filter that allows you to narrow down the results to small, medium or large images. What do you think, which group will be chosen most often?

  • 5. Graphic weight

    It is interesting, however, that it is better if the picture is not too heavy. For this reason, it is worth optimizing images as much as possible and using modern formats such as WebP (although there are not many users of older versions of browsers among your recipients, this problem can be avoided by using scripts that, depending on the detected software, load various image formats).

  • 6. Site map for graphics

    XML site maps are usually created for pages. However, it is worth creating a separate site map dedicated to graphics-at least in order for them to be indexed more effectively by search engine bots.

  • 7. Unique graphics

    Last but not least, the images should be as unique as possible. On the one hand, Google appreciates this feature in itself, on the other-from time to time it tries to improve the differentiation of results when searching for images. Not to mention the fact that if the search engine still displays many identical images for a given query, the "other" will have a much better chance of attracting attention and getting a click.

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