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Is it worth making a website on the constructor

Is it worth making a website on the constructor

Disadvantages of free designers for creating websites



The constructor is a system of ready-made templates and tools. With their help, any amateur who does not have special knowledge and experience will be able to make and launch his own website. But each such service has disadvantages and is not suitable for serious projects.

Typical design and limited functionality

Stylish and original design is of great importance.

And the constructors offer quite a lot of options. But they are all divided by topic, and there is not much choice for some areas. If the service is popular, then any of the ready-made templates are already used on dozens of sites. And there are few tools that allow you to change the design. The colors are selected from a limited list, the location of the page elements is set by moving the available blocks. It is impossible to create a unique and memorable project and implement your creative ideas with their help.

Now the majority of visitors access the sites from mobile devices. Therefore, it is so important that the resource looks good on small screens of smartphones or tablets. A special adaptive layout type is used for this. That is, the site receives information about the device and adapts the size and proportions of the image to it. But many constructors do not have such a function. To view the page, the user will have to use horizontal scrolling. But he will most likely just leave the inconvenient site and will not return to it again.

Using the constructor, it is impossible to implement many functions.

There is no access to the source code, and even a programmer will not be able to add some additional module to the site. And standard tools will not allow you to create a really convenient, interesting and modern project. There will also be problems with performance. To make the pages load easily, you need to optimize the code, place the blocks correctly and choose the appropriate fonts. In the constructor, all this is set automatically, the site is written by a robot, and the result is not always acceptable.

Difficulties with promotion, distrust of the site.

The automatic code created on the constructor is not indexed by search engines

. It is more difficult to promote such sites. You can get visitors only through direct links or through advertising, and this will entail additional costs. Search engines are distrustful of resources made on free constructors. Visitors also wonder why the site owner saved on the services of a designer and a programmer. To promote such a site, you will have to make much more effort.

It is also difficult to make money on it.

Such projects are reluctantly accepted into serious contextual advertising systems or partner programs. It is impossible to sell links from them. Payment systems refuse to cooperate with them due to security problems. The site owner will not be able to receive payment directly, using a special module, he will have to look for workarounds. There are only a few options for earning money:

  • sale of own services;
  • mediation, search for customers and buyers for a fee;
  • participation in not very profitable partner programs with low requirements;
  • connection to active advertising systems that accept such sites.

Thus, you can only make a business card site or a page on the constructor, to which the link from the ad will go. And for more serious projects, this option is not suitable, no matter how simple, convenient and profitable it may seem.

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