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How do I create a website layout?

How do I create a website layout?

When developing a website layout, the designer must decide on the optimal size of the graphic design



When developing a website layout, the designer must decide on the optimal size of the graphic design. It should take into account the purpose of the website, its development plans and popular solutions. The layout of the website should be adapted for mobile devices, which are being used more and more often.

Design for different resolutions

The designer should take into account that the site layout created by him will be used on various devices. Therefore, it should strive for a flexible design of graphics adapted to different resolutions. It should be emphasized that the optimal representation of graphics within a single project becomes impossible on devices with web browsers. The Internet is available in small phones and huge TVs. The site layout should be prepared for desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.

When choosing the best resolution of the website layout, you should pay attention to the DPI of the devices, that is, the number of pixels displayed on one inch of the screen. Screens with a higher DPI value have the highest resolution, with the same diagonal and are characterized by a sharper image. These are high-end displays that are already installed in mobile devices and laptops, for example, in the MacBook.

When testing ready-made layouts in different resolutions, you should also pay attention to the proportions of the device screens on which they will eventually be displayed. The aspect ratio is usually 16:9 or 4:3. 16:9 is intended for large-format displays. 4:3 is usually found in tablets. The content of the website will look different at different screen proportions. Therefore, we need to strive to develop a solution that will satisfy users with different devices.

When developing a graphic layout of websites for various screens of devices equipped with browsers, everything comes down to the height and width of the layout in pixels. The layout will look good on any screen if you approach the design in this way

Page layout-resolution

Most often, designers prepare separate website designs for computer monitors, for phones and tablets. The optimal smallest width used in the market is 1280 pixels, with the exception of the rarely encountered 1024 pixels. When developing the layout, it should also be taken into account that the interface of the browser used by users occupies a certain percentage of the screen width. The maximum with a vertical scrollbar will be about 30 pixels. In addition, it is better to leave a free space of about 20 pixels on the left and right. Taking into account some error, when the screen width is at the level of 1280 pixels, the layout width should be a maximum of 1200 pixels. Height is less important, but the designers note that it would be better if the key content of the website was placed on a space of 740 pixels.

When developing a layout for other devices using a browser, of course, you should take into account a different minimum screen width. For tablets, it will be in the range from 768 to 1024 pixels, and for phones from 320 to 480 pixels.

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