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Lack of components from PC manufacturers

Lack of components from PC manufacturers

Leading computer manufacturers expect problems with deliveries.


..The global computer market is experiencing the fastest growth in more than two decades. This is clear evidence of serious signs of recovery in the industry. Manufacturers sold more devices than in any quarter of 2015.

The results seem even more optimistic in the context of the lack of components that the technology industry is facing. Serious problems in the semiconductor segment will also affect the supply of personal computers.

Some large companies, includingHP and Dell , predict difficult times in the coming quarters. According to the current forecasts of the companies, they will face significant problems in maintaining a stable supply of laptops in the second half of 2021


According to IDC, these are the second and third largest computer manufacturers with a market share of 21.75 and 19.4%, respectively. Lenovo is the sales leader, but it's not surprising if they also have to change their plans.

However, HP and Dell remain optimistic about the stabilization of the situation and expect high demand for laptops to continue.

In any case, all leading manufacturers will closely monitor the processes in the global supply chain. The second half of the calendar year is usually associated with high activity, which can have a positive impact on sales of HP, Dell and major manufacturers.

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