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Content and penalties for duplication

Content and penalties for duplication

Why should I avoid duplicate content on the site?



Duplicate content is simply the presence of the same content on many pages of the same website or on several domains. Very often this happens due to the inattention or ignorance of the administrators and does not contribute to the promotion of their brand. Algorithms hate copies because each copy seriously degrades the quality of the content and potentially makes it difficult to index subpages. Then their interpretation turns out to be much more complicated, so they are selected based on the exclusion of clones considered as identical pages due to the detection of identical keywords. Since 2011, that is, since Google introduced an algorithm called Panda, duplicate content has been met with severe sanctions. Website owners may face problems related to traffic loss and reduced visibility, which will significantly reduce the site's position in search results. In addition, if the content lacks originality, the site may have problems attracting a new audience.

Internal copies (within the same domain) If the content is duplicated, for example, the home page to other addresses, it is not necessary to rewrite everything from scratch and edit each paragraph separately. Sometimes it is enough just to make the corresponding 301 redirect in the file .htaccess , so as not to lose the positioning capabilities. These are constant redirects, thanks to which the website server informs the browser about the need to switch to another URL.

Internal duplicate content also occurs in the case of two versions of the page (for example, with www and without www, as well as versions intended for printing or displaying on mobile devices), when there are no corresponding 301 redirects between them, which should be performed as soon as possible. The same thing happens after the domain transfer was carried out, and this fact was not reported to Google.

External copies (in multiple domains)

Copying of content can occur in a legal and conscious form, since the so-called distribution, that is, the collection and distribution of them through larger sites for reprinting. The terms of such cooperation should be clearly defined in the contract and, as a rule, provide for the need to provide the source of the information used, for example, a link. Otherwise, it would be an unethical action from the category Black Hat SEO.

In this case, online stores become a special problem, the owners of which copy product descriptions directly from the websites of manufacturers or other distributors, which distinguishes them from competitors. This is similar to the fact that this product is available in several sizes or colors, while the other parameters remain unchanged. If the manufacturer's data is duplicated on many pages, the offer should be supplemented with new content. In this case, you will need to create unique and valuable content yourself.

How to detect duplication?

The best way to do this is to conduct a comprehensive SEO audit that will analyze the website, diagnose potential threats and detect violations in its operation. Thus, you can get recommendations for repairing individual elements and facilitate the further work of search engine algorithms.

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