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Choosing a programming language when creating a website

Choosing a programming language when creating a website

Technologies for creating a website are distinguished by the development tools used. Which ones should I choose?



Web development is the process of creating websites, mobile web applications and other platforms. Technologies for creating a website are distinguished by the development tools used. One of the main tools is programming. A large number of programming languages makes it difficult for the developer to choose the necessary one. However, there are basic languages that can be used for certain tasks of creating a site.

JAVASCRIPT is mainly used in parallel with HTML and CSS to develop the visible part of the site. For accelerated development, it allows you to connect libraries. The most popular is Jquery. The Node platform.js allows you to use this language also in the development of the server part of the site. Using this language, they organize interaction with users on the page, add various animations and graphics. Create beautiful galleries, various graphs and diagrams. All modern browsers support JavaScript, if this function has not been disabled manually on it.

PYTHON is one of the most popular programming languages. Compared to other languages, it is easier to read, which allows web development beginners to quickly master it. It is easier to create websites in this language, since you need to write less code. PYTHON is more tolerant of errors, compared to other languages. Because of the fast speed of writing, it can be used when creating prototypes of a future site.

About 50% of all websites created on the Internet were written in PHP. All code written in this language, unlike JavaScript, is processed on the server side, and not on the computer of the site visitor. The cross-platform nature of the language allows you to work in all operating systems. A reliable language that integrates easily with any software. Website development in this language is more secure, since PHP has one of the strongest degrees of protection. Allows you to improve the appearance and functionality of the website.

Ruby is the most balanced language. It got the most popularity thanks to its framework – Ruby on Rails. It has absorbed the best qualities of many programming languages. It is well suited for the development of complex websites. When writing repetitive functions, the system removes unnecessary ones, there is also no need to correct all errors, all errors are removed during development. It makes it easier to change the existing code or add new functions for the site.

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